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The Photo Booth

Enclosed Photo Booth Rental for all Occasions

Enclosed photo booth setup

Our photo booth rentals are guaranteed! Guests love the simplicity of operation. Our enclosed photo booth fits under any ceiling 8 feet in height or more. The enclosed booth footprint is a 7 feet square, though we can reduce the size of the photo booth to 4′ x 7′ if needed. Our enclosed photo booth is pipe and drape using black drapes all around with your choice of 8 colors for the "entrance drapes. Our enclosed photo booth uses the same powerful camera kiosk using state of the art software combined with high resolution DSLR camera, studio off camera flash and lab quality dye sublimation printer that prints in less than 15 seconds. Guests (we've had up to 14 in one group) stand in the back of the enclosure and face the camera kiosk. Our attendant will get the session started while the guests are able to view their poses as the camera kiosk visually counts down. Photo's are taken in 5 second intervals and repeated 3-4 times per session. The number of photo's per session is decided at time of booking.


To setup for your event, we need about one hour prior to the start of your event to load in our gear, setup equipment, test and prepare to ensure smooth operation during your event. If you desire props, we really recommend that you chose this free option, then we require space for a 6 foot table (we'll provide the table) outside the open photo booth for display and use of all the props for your rental. We also need to have access to a 110V 20 amp 3 prong electrical outlet within 30 feet of where you want to us to locate the photo booth. Whenever possible it is best if we can meet with you at the venue to see where and how you want the photo booth located. Generally it is best to locate the photo booth near the bar or other high traffic area. While it can certainly work if setup alone in another room, historically those locations don’t get the same amount of use. You would not want to hear after your event “Oh, you had a photo booth, I didn’t even see it”. We have 6 color options for the entrance drapes for the Enclosed Photo Booth. (samples shown below)


Enclosed photo booth with blue entrance drapes
Enclosed photo booth with purple entrance drapes
Enclosed photo booth with white entrance drapes
Enclosed photo booth with green entrance drapes
Enclosed photo booth with red entrance drapes
And it can be
all Black
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