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Instant Photocube Photo Booth Rental Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What to expect from our Photo Booth Rental, how we operate and answers to other frequently asked questions can be found below.

How does the photo booth work?


Our attendant will help direct your guests to the prop box where they may choose from a wide variety of fun items. Next they step into the photo booth where they will see touch screen color monitor with a live view of what the camera sees. This allows your guests to see their pose as the camera does. Instructions on the touch screen monitor quickly guide the guests and start the photo session. A countdown begins and the first photo is taken. Immediately the guest(s) see the actual photo that was taken, then the countdown begins again and the process is repeated for the 3 or 4 photo’s in each session. When the last photo is completed the guests are instructed to exit the photo booth and pick up their photo strip outside. The printing process takes less than 15 seconds. If a scrapbook was chosen the attendant would help your guests add one 2×6 photo strip to your scrapbook along with showing your guests where to write a short note. We always print one photo strip for each person in the pose, plus one for the scrapbook if that option is chosen.

Is there a limit to how many photo’s we can take at the event?
Absolutely not! As fast as your guests can move through the booth is the only limit. Our goal is for the photo booth to run continuously and your guests to make multiple trips through the photo booth.

What size is the photo booth?


Our enclosed photo booth is 8 feet tall. The booth “footprint” size can be from 4′ x 7′ up to 7′x 7′. We feel that the 7′ x 7′ is the best size as it allows more people in the photo booth which generally means more fun and lots more laughter. Additionally we offer “open air” (no sides or curtained booth) where we setup a background and kiosk so that we are able to fit in almost any space but ideally about 10' x 10' of space

What are the inner workings of our photo booth?


We use state of the art software to control the entire process. A large color touch screen monitor shows a live view and communicates instructions to the user. We use Canon DSLR 18 megapixel cameras for capturing high resolution digital images both still shots and video if that option is chosen. Couple that with photo lab quality dye sublimation printers that produce dry, water resistant, fade proof prints in 15 seconds.

How much does it cost to have props?


Zero. Nada. Zilch. Props adds so much fun to the photo booth we can’t imagine not having them available for people to use. Many competitors upcharge for props…we say never to that notion. Your Instant Photocube host/hostess will always have an ample supply of props to add to the fun.

What options are available other than printing?


In addition to printing the photo strips you can choose a package that includes a social media kiosk. This iPad station is outside the photo booth and receives the photo's taken in the photo booth wirelessly instantly. Guest may use the social media kiosk anytime during your event to send their photo's to the personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Email accounts. This is subject to the signal strength at the venue. If signal strength is poor the uploading will be limited to email and text and will begin when we return to our office and have a good signal.

Where are all the photo’s from my event?


We will host all the digital photos and composite print digital images in an online gallery for free for 1 year after the event is over. The online gallery can be password protected if you prefer. We allow full downloading and copying from the online gallery with the caveat that the images are for personal use and can’t be reproduced except for personal use.

Do you travel to other areas?

Yes, while we are based in Jacksonville Florida we regularly provide service to all North and Central Florida and Southeast Georgia. We charge a modest travel fee to locations over 50 miles from Jacksonville.

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