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Should you book a photo booth for your Wedding?


Your day is your day. Period. But, for many brides and grooms the day is also about creating and sharing a day that is beautiful and memorable for everyone. Weddings are the day when two people profess and pledge to their family and friends in the most public way that these two individuals will unite and become one. Beyond the awesome beauty of this element, the bride and groom will also want to celebrate after the ceremony with a reception that includes photography to document the day and night, food, dancing and fun.

Having had the honor to attend or work a couple of hundred weddings I’ve seen many options for additional entertainment beyond the DJ with music and dancing. One such extra is the photo booth. The addition of a photo booth provides a unique element in that it can document fun through its produced photos and prints. But in addition to that it also offers something fun and entertaining for those that aren’t inclined to dance or maybe unable to dance. All of our photo booths are handicap accessible to include all in the fun. For those that love the dance floor, it will offer a chance for a change of pace and option to produce some memorable souvenir photo strips.

But we already have a photographer taking photos.

Why would we need another photographer? This is a common question. We are not acting as another photographer. We are part of the entertainment. While we pride ourselves on providing extremely high-quality photos from our photo booths, they are not the photos that cover the day the way your wedding photographer does. People aren’t always ready and often don’t receive the photos taken during the reception by the wedding photographers. Their job is to document the full day. Our job is to help your guests have fun, relax, unwind, and create an individual memory using our props and posing suggestions. Our staff always interacts with and helps with suggestions on how the process is started and how to create some fun. Each guest will leave the photo booth with their own individual photo strip that has three photos and your unique wedding design.

The next level.

We take the wedding photo booth to the next level. So, we’ve mention that each guest in a pose session will receive a copy of the photo strip. That photo strip is a memorable wedding favor, many couples choose to include an acrylic frame for their guests to take home as well. Back to the “next level” we mentioned. We also print an extra copy of each photo booth session and as your guests exit the photo booth the prints are ready in 15 seconds. An “extra” copy of each strip is placed into a Memory Book. Our Memory Book consists of a 12x12 inch album. We use a PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) applicator (no glue sticks) to adhere that extra copy into the album. We also provide gold and silver metallic pens and encourage and help guests write a short note to the bride and groom. At the conclusion of the evening we compile and complete the Memory Book to give to the designated person. We get so many wonderful compliments of how much our wedding couple enjoy looking through the Memory Book, days, weeks, months and years later.

We hope we’ve outlined the reasons why you would want to have a photo booth at your wedding reception due to its unique purpose and place in the festivities. If you are now convenience that you need a photo booth at your wedding, we hope that you will consider booking one of our photo booths from Instant Photocube. We are based in Jacksonville Florida and service all of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.

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